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Generation II Dual-Lumen Conserver

Widely recognized as the most reliable conserving device on the market, Inovo's Generation II dual-lumen pneumatic conserver provides the best combination of size, weight and functionality.


  • All-in-one construction incorporates both the regulator and the conserver
  • Conserves oxygen by delivering exclusively during inhalation
  • Switches between continuous and conserve modes without disconnecting the unit
  • Brass components in high-pressure areas as well as relief-valve zones
  • Compact aluminum body fits in a wide variety of carrying bags
  • Detent-style flow control is easy-to-use for all patient types
  • Meets ASTM-G175-03 promoted ignition tests
  • 20-micron, sintered-bronze inlet filter offers additional safety and extended regulator life
  • U.S. made in our Naples, Florida facility

Generation II<sup>®</sup> Dual Lumen Conserver

Generation II Dual Lumen

Dual Lumen Conserver


Dual Lumen Conserver